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Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers

The following content, Xiaobian will prepare for you the relevant introduction of Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers! The popular panel thickness is also usually across 0.8mm. Really, thinking about the time of the topic, we need to know the results of the use of aluminum veneers, the ratio of the thickness of the wall to the thickness of the wall, etc., the number of punching aluminum veneer manufacturers is extremely tight, and the paint on the plate comes Speaking, it should be meticulously detailed, so that producers will choose the appropriate curtain wall aluminum veneer.

Secondly, the selection of the aluminum veneer is held. Because of the process of resettlement, the internal structure is the same. At the time of resettlement, it is necessary to select the outer wall for the inner wall. If there is a hole in the hole, then the thickness of the Guangdong aluminum veneer is also usually within the scope of 3-5mm.


Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers - Figure 1

He said that the home appliances in the beginning of the sea, is to plug the personal computer into the home appliances, using SMS remote control air conditioning, in fact, until now, the so-called "small" in the home of the home is to replace the remote control, single products, mainly continuation Sticky. When talking about the growth of the industry in the future, Mao Hongjian implied that although the huge production groups and the transformation of energy, the industry has ruled out the stagnation. Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer, but the operation of system, port components and sensor skills research behind the fall of Taixi, will become the stagnation of the future.

Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers

Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers - Figure 2

The fluorocarbon coating is mainly a dispersion of vinylidene fluoride resin, the paint is divided into a primer and the topcoat is varnished. The fluorocarbon coating has beautiful corrosion resistance and weather resistance. After the aluminum plated aluminum veneer is placed in Guangzhou, it will be damaged by natural disasters such as acid rain. The aluminum veneer can maintain the color fading and service life in a small period. Less green and environmentally friendly. The master of the small series is here, when the aluminum veneer is being placed, the glass and the aluminum veneer should be maintained at a certain interval to prevent the temperature of the aluminum veneer from changing too fast when the interval is too close, causing the glass to deform or blew.

Guangzhou punching aluminum veneer manufacturers - Figure 3

The strength of the punched aluminum veneer and the weak point punching aluminum veneer are mainly made by taking out the excellent aluminum alloy plate through the machine. As one of the vast products of aluminum veneer, it is a fashionable, punched aluminum veneer manufacturer and simply creates an atmosphere of artistic atmosphere. Here, Xiao Bian first said its strengths, the strength of the punched aluminum veneer is vast, simply enumerate a few points. At first, the punched aluminum veneer is also an aluminum veneer, because the existence of the hole is such that its quality is coherent with the rest of the example of the aluminum veneer.

Secondly, it has only the appearance and elegance, and it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention and moisture resistance. Once again, a variety of holes and the same sorted system, the appearance of elegant, whitewashed results are very beautiful. After that, it can increase the tone by moderately. The first thing is that the existence of the hole can make the sound wave go away and weaken the intensity of the sound. Punched aluminum veneer manufacturers The following is the weakness of the punched aluminum veneer "punching" is not only its disadvantage, but also its drawbacks.

The placement of the reinforcing ribs is also very tense. Some manufacturers' reinforcing ribs are used adjacent to the edge of the aluminum plate to enhance the force transmission of the sputum, so that the plate will show deformation after use, affecting the façade results. In order to increase the weight of the aluminum plate and increase the strength of the aluminum plate, the aluminum alloy plate used by the punched aluminum veneer manufacturers often uses aluminum plates pressed with rust-proof aluminum to make the curtain wall aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is reduced from the original 3mm to 2.5mm, and the strength of the alloy is more than double that of the pure aluminum plate.

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