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Aluminum veneer ceiling - aluminum veneer ceiling installation steps

With the rapid development of the social economy, the decoration methods of our families are also diverse. The ceiling is a kind of decoration method that many families choose now. There are many ceiling materials, and aluminum veneer ceilings are one of them. Aluminum veneer ceiling panels are affordable, and the ceiling effect is beautiful, which is loved by many people. Today, Xiaobian introduces the installation steps of the aluminum veneer ceiling.

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceiling - aluminum veneer ceiling installation preparation

Check the construction drawings and on-site measured dimensions in detail to ensure the deepening of the design and processing, and carefully check the structural node maps, find the inconsistencies, and correct the design as soon as possible. Check that the quality of the horizontal and vertical keels meet the drawing requirements. The horizontal and vertical keel installation meets the design specifications. The connecting bolts installed on the horizontal and vertical keels should not be leaked.

In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the board, it is advisable to use the theodolite to penetrate the girders of the beam, and the deformation joints, settlement joints, and variable section should be properly treated to meet the requirements of use. The metal connector material and processing geometry must meet the design requirements. The material must have a factory certificate and a retest report. The connection between the connector and the vertical keel should be reliable, and do not miss the elastic pad.

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceiling - aluminum plate installation steps

Clean the aluminum plate against the side of the interior and the surface of the column frame with a cleaning agent. The whole piece of aluminum plate is connected to the keel through the surrounding aluminum corner code (hanging ear) and fixed on the keel. Fixing method, if the interior is seamlessly spliced, the electric drill can be used to make a hole in the corresponding position on the keel, and then riveted with a flat head (sunk head) aluminum rivet; if it is a board with a glue joint, a steel tail screw can be used (also called a method). Lan screw or phoenix nail, see figure) directly into the keel through the connecting hole of the aluminum corner code to fix the aluminum plate, but pay attention to control the looseness of the drill bit to adjust the aluminum plate.

The aluminum plate is put into the field for trial assembly. Firstly, the aluminum plate is slightly fixed on the keel. Pay attention to the installation precision control and adjust the plate before tightening. When installing aluminum plates, install them on the wall in the order of the aluminum plates. The principle of aluminum plate installation starts from the front, large area and corner, and is installed from top to bottom. The connection between the aluminum plate and the keel should meet the requirements of the drawings, and it must be firm and reliable. The corner of the curtain wall and the surrounding wall, the connection structure of the upper and lower seals and the treatment of the deformation joint shall meet the design requirements.

The above is a small series for everyone to summarize, about the aluminum veneer ceiling installation steps. Nowadays more and more people choose ceiling decoration, aluminum veneer ceiling is also a good material choice. Aluminum veneer ceilings are affordable and beautiful. If you want to install aluminum veneer ceilings, then follow the small series to participate in the installation of aluminum veneer ceilings.

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