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Aluminum veneer

Curved aluminum veneer

Curved aluminum veneer

Product Details

The curved aluminum single-board curtain wall is light in weight, high in strength, waterproof, anti-fouling, fireproof, anti-corrosion, good processing performance, low maintenance cost and long service life. The aluminum veneer material can be processed into curved and irregular shapes. The surface can be sprayed into various colors to form various beautiful patterns on the wall surface, and can be combined with glass curtain walls to form different appearances, which makes the building more noble and elegant. style of.

Curved aluminum veneer

The curved outer wall aluminum veneer is divided into a single curved aluminum veneer, a hyperbolic aluminum veneer, a spherical aluminum veneer, etc., wherein each of the plate types has different manufacturing difficulty, and the single curved aluminum veneer is all curved plates. It should be a little simpler. Its difficulty in making it is mainly the processing of the curvature of the arc, as long as it is operated on the rolling mill according to the specified curvature. Single curved aluminum veneers are common in some dome buildings or in relatively simple architectural shapes.

Curved aluminum veneer

Curved aluminum veneer features:

1. Windproof and fireproof: Aluminum veneers are non-combustible materials, which can effectively organize the spread of flame.

2. Green and environmental protection: aluminum veneers can be 100% recycled, and the aluminum content is high.

3. Anti-UV and anti-corrosion: The aluminum veneer is chromed and then surface treated to enhance weather resistance.

4. Long life and flatness: The surface coating after chromizing and surface treatment is firm, long-term no powdering, no fading, no decolorization, high-quality materials and color process to ensure the high flatness of the aluminum veneer.

Curved aluminum veneer

The curved outer wall aluminum veneer is really attractive from the appearance, but its price is much more expensive than the conventional aluminum veneer. Why is this? There are many reasons in the middle, mainly because the process of making and processing is cumbersome and complicated. Due to the special line, special machines are required for special arc-rolling operations. In addition, it is definitely impossible to spray with the machine during the spraying process. It can only be applied manually, especially. This involves a lot of manpower and time, and still uses other processing machines and equipment. The cost will go up at once and the production efficiency is relatively low.

Curved aluminum veneer

The price of curved aluminum veneers is also divided into various levels, just a simple curved plate, just a little higher than the conventional aluminum veneer. And if it is a complex double-curved aluminum veneer, it needs to be much higher than the price of a conventional aluminum veneer. There are special aluminum veneer companies in China to produce and process such complex plate types, and some large manufacturers with strong strength can also make curved aluminum veneers.

Curved aluminum veneer

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