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Aluminum veneer

Packed aluminum veneer

Packed aluminum veneer

Product Details

The packaged aluminum veneer is divided into a cylindrical arc-shaped aluminum veneer and a wave-shaped aluminum veneer. The arc-shaped aluminum veneer is mainly used for the outer wall of the column building and the interior pillar decoration. The surface is round and round, giving the people a large Square, steady feeling. The wavy curved exterior aluminum veneer is mainly used for indoor ceiling decoration and outdoor canopy. Its beautiful arc and perfect lines give a curve and a comfortable feeling. The bag-column aluminum veneer is not only practical, generous and concise, but also has a strong decorative effect, rich in color, and easy to integrate into the surrounding environment. It is the darling of the designer's design style.

Packed aluminum veneer

Packing column aluminum veneer material installation method:

1) Release the line, fix the steel frame, and bounce the position of the skeleton to the base layer. The skeleton is fixed on the main structure, and the quality of the main structure is checked before the line is released.

2) Fix the joint of the skeleton, and weld the joint to fix the skeleton on the column of the main structure.

3) Fix the skeleton and carry out anti-corrosion treatment after the skeleton is welded. The mounting frame position is accurate and the structure is firm. Install the inspection center line, surface elevation, and so on. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the board, it is advisable to use the theodolite to penetrate the beam girders. The deformation joints, settlement joints, and variable cross-sections are properly treated to meet the requirements for use.

4) Install the outer wall aluminum veneer . The installation and fixing of the aluminum veneer should be firm and reliable, and simple and easy.

5) The gap between the board and the board should be internally treated to make it smooth and smooth.

6) The aluminum plate is installed and covered with plastic film or other materials in the easily contaminated area.

Packed aluminum veneer

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