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Aluminum veneer

Hollow aluminum veneer

Hollow aluminum veneer

Product Details

The hollow outer veneer aluminum veneer is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 1.5mm-4.0mm. It is processed according to a certain size, shape and structure, and a high-grade building decoration material is applied to the surface of the fluorocarbon resin coating. . The commonly used material of the hollow carved aluminum veneer is 3003, the state is H24, and the basic size is 1220mm×2440mm (flat plate). The shape of the formed aluminum plate can reach 1600*4500mm. Hollow aluminum veneers embellish the artistic atmosphere of the environment, mostly for exterior walls or showrooms. Of course, the family also uses a lot.

Hollow aluminum veneer

Hollow aluminum veneer product features:

1) Light weight, good rigidity, high strength; good weather resistance and welding performance;

2) It is easy to clean, maintain and has good anti-pollution performance;

3) Wide range of color selection and decorative effects. Compared with the traditional aluminum-plastic composite panel, it has the characteristics of easy on-site processing and low loss, especially the steel and strength greatly exceed the aluminum curtain wall panel .

4) The aluminum veneer of the hollow outer wall is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which is not affected by ultraviolet light, humidity, temperature and atmospheric corrosion, and never fades; the plate body is light, the installation structure is simple, and it has good bending strength and excellent wind pressure resistance. .

Hollow aluminum veneer

Hollow aluminum veneer product use:

Exterior wall decoration, pillar decoration, large building in the lobby facade, KTV, hotel, school, hospital, public place, ceiling ceiling, flyover, body plaza, shopping mall, etc.

Hollow aluminum veneer

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