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Aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneer

Product Details

The carved aluminum veneer can be said to be a relatively difficult one in the engraving of the aluminum veneer . The hollowing out is unique, and the process requirements need to be exquisite and delicate. The products are fully designed by different patterns, breaking the previous aluminum veneer can only be as simple The pattern can not be processed into the disadvantages of complex patterns. Art hollow carved aluminum veneer is a new type of building decoration material. It can make sensory visual dynamics of simple aluminum plate surface through various hole shape changes on the plate surface. It is suitable for various environments and meets the designer's ambition and boldness. Innovation, endless thinking space. As a kind of carving art, the art hollow carved aluminum veneer is brought to the modern architectural decoration by cleverly applying it to us, which brings us fashionable and beautiful artistic decoration.

Carved aluminum veneer

Carved exterior wall aluminum veneer processing technology requirements:

The carved aluminum veneer is cut according to the designer's design pattern. The process requires high accuracy and does not damage the surface. It is required to cut in the cooling state when processing the workpiece to ensure that the product is not deformed. The cutting surface is smooth and not thorny, without burr and cutting. Small, fine craftsmanship and high accuracy.

Carved aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneer product features:

1. Good fire resistance and non-combustibility.

2, with acid, alkali, UV resistance, etc.

3, lightweight, high strength and good rigidity.

4, good processability, strong plasticity, can be processed into various shapes

5, strong anti-fouling, easy to clean, maintain

6, the spray color is very rich, can meet the various requirements of architectural design.

7, recycling, environmental protection.

Carved aluminum veneer

The outer wall aluminum veneer manufacturer system of the carved exterior wall is made of various materials such as blanking, punching, bending, rolling, welding, sanding, assembly, etc. The company has various geometric shapes such as AMADA. It is easy to realize the processing of various complex plate types, so as to fully meet the special needs of architecture and styling, and fully express the innovative ideas of architectural design.

Carved aluminum veneer application areas:

Building curtain wall, column beam, balcony, partition bag decoration, interior decoration, vehicle, furniture, exhibition stand, instrument casing, etc., modern high-level club, home decoration, office and other occasions.

Carved aluminum veneer

The carved aluminum veneer is, to a certain extent, a piece of art. The art of engraving aluminum veneer engraving is extremely rich, with a wide range of subjects and unique styles. The aluminum-aluminum carved aluminum veneer is processed by a large-scale computer numerical control engraving machine. The metal-carved aluminum plate has high cutting precision, does not damage the surface, the cutting surface is smooth and not thorny, the cutting seam is small, the craft is fine, the precision is high, the efficiency is fast, the quality is good, Customers can provide drawings and samples, and the image processing can be customized to any pattern. Welcome to negotiate.

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