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Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Product Details

The invention of the aluminum veneer ceiling has made the development of metal sheets from a single isotropic material to a composite between different materials, which has greatly improved and improved the properties of the metal sheet such as surface quality, material weight and processing performance.

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceilings have been widely used in building curtain walls due to their advanced composite structure and characteristics, excellent cost performance and ease of processing, rich decorative effects and durability, significant resource and environmental protection. , interior decoration, car decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, there have been examples of large-scale application of aluminum veneer ceilings in urban landmark buildings such as airports, large stadiums and theaters. Industry experts predict that with the adjustment and development of China's construction industry, especially the successful bid for the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, and Guangzhou Asian Games, the outer wall aluminum veneer ceiling will be more fully applied as a new generation of curtain wall materials.

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceiling advantages:

1. Safety: Aluminum veneer ceiling products are light in weight, good in steel, high in strength, and convenient in installation and construction.

2. Processability: The aluminum veneer has good processability, uniform coating and various colors.

3. Compression resistance: aluminum veneer ceiling is light in weight, good in steel and high in strength.

4. Value: Aluminum veneer ceiling is not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain.

5. Energy-saving: Aluminum veneer ceiling energy saving and environmental protection, can be recycled.

6. Persistence: The weatherability and corrosion resistance of aluminum veneer ceilings are good.

7. Innovative: Deepening the design of aluminum veneer ceilings, tailoring new ceiling decoration products for each family ceiling.

8. Artistic: The combination of the image of the aluminum veneer ceiling and the aesthetic art makes the aluminum veneer unique.

Aluminum veneer ceiling

Aluminum veneer ceiling

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