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Aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer

Product Details

The wood grain aluminum veneer adopts the international advanced new pattern decoration material, the pattern is high-grade gorgeous, the texture is vivid, the color is bright, the pattern is firm and wearable, and no harmful gas such as formaldehyde is contained. Non-toxic is good for the environment, so you don't have to worry about the odor and damage to the body after the decoration paint and glue. Wood grain aluminum veneer manufacturers have excellent quality of gold and aluminum, which is the first choice for high-grade architectural decoration.

Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer product features:

1. Exquisite appearance, rich texture pattern, realistic wood effect, good vision;

2. Practicality, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are all incomparable to solid wood;

3. Can be applied to indoor and outdoor and various occasions;

4. The surface has anti-rust, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet and anti-injury effects;

5. Long service life, can maintain no discoloration, no deformation;

6. It can be processed into a more complicated shape, and the back side can be filled with thermal insulation material to make it more functional;

7. Compared with stainless steel, solid wood, anti-corrosion wood, etc., it has a large comprehensive cost advantage;

Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain exterior wall aluminum veneer product use:

1. airport, subway station, station

2. Shopping malls, leisure venues, high-level clubs

3. Corridors, passages, office buildings

4. Bar, restaurant, KTV

5. Open places such as public leisure places

Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer

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