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Guangzhou Golden Aluminum Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Main: aluminum veneer manufacturers, the external walls of aluminum veneer, imitation stone aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall panels, carved aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall construction, aluminum curtain wall Aluminum ceiling, aluminum alloy air conditioner cover, air conditioning outside the hood, air conditioning protective cover, honeycomb aluminum plate, with the aluminum plate, aluminum plate, punching aluminum veneer, double curved aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, curtain wall aluminum veneer, The company is a large-scale curtain wall enterprise which is one of the most important and largest aluminum single Plate, aluminum alloy air conditioning hood manufacturers, suppliers. Brand was founded in August 2010, the factory was established in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the office in Guangzhou Jinshazhou, under the NC plate processing, aluminum slotted cut, electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending, finishing, assembly, performance testing More than 10 production workshop
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